For more than 25 years POIS has been upholding with pride the prestige of Italian pronto-moda

The winning product, the originality of the models, the quality in every phase of production, the speed in capturing all the new trends, the real Made In Italy style, the professionalism of an established company. POIS is this, and a whole lot more.

Think POISitive

Work hard, play hard- think POISitive! 
POIS is a way of being as well as a way of dressing. An extraordinary and creative way, for women who are confident in their own ideas, trust their own emotions and are ready to reinvent themselves each day with awesome determination.

Attention to detail

Each element of the POIS total-look is exclusively planned and designed by our Style Office head-quartered in Milan. The details and the finishing touches are luxurious: satin linings, lace trims, and the use of natural materials are some of the characterizing elements of the POIS brand.

Made in Italy

Quality is one of the key elements of POIS. We have been representing Italian fast-fashion for the last 25 years: all the laboratories involved in the production of our garments are carefully selected amongst the best artisans in the country, and the materials we use are of high quality.



When business is so cherished that it becomes family and the reins are lovingly passed on from generation to generation. (Trendsbrands is an amazing fashion blog. Follow it on
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L’emozione di vestire POIS.... La lavorazione rigorosamente Made in Italy, la qualità dei tessuti, la cura delle finiture, l’originalità dei modelli, la maglieria. Insomma un prêt à porter di alta sartoria.
LODISHOP, Matilde Gatti
The quality of POIS is in the detail given to every outfit.

(La qualità di POIS sta nella cura dei dettagli che questo brand mette in ogni suo outfit.)
The Sunday Times, Malta